What we do

Medical care

One particular and often unmet need is proper medical care. In an already overburdened public health system, refugees are often overlooked. The stress of living in survival mode only exacerbates their health problems. We have established relationships with a number of local physicians who volunteer their time and expertise to help the refugees. We are also building relationships with several doctors and medical associations in other European countries who offer to come join us for short periods.

We organize appointments, provide translation for refugees needing to see a doctor, arrange diagnostic testing or treatment when necessary, and supply prescribed medications.


Refugees in Athens also struggle to find shelter. Especially when they first arrive and are learning to navigate the process of applying for asylum and aid, many need a safe place to stay. We have a small number of apartments where refugees can stay for a limited amount of time until they are able to apply for asylum and begin to receive cash assistance from the UNHCR. As needs arise, we also periodically help individuals needing temporary assistance with rent, bills or other expenses.

Practical assistance

As we are able, we also help with other needs, such as food, baby supplies, and legal matters. For example, in winter 2019 we temporarily provided two meals each week to a number of refugees living in tents without cooking facilities, at a refugee camp North of Athens. We give grocery packs to refugee friends who can not afford food, and cover legal fees for some who need assistance with their asylum cases. We also distribute donated clothing, household items and items for small children.


We are so grateful for those who partner with us!

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You may give to our general fund, or state a particular project (i.e. Medical or Shelter)

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